On Illness and Virus Protection

14 December 2008

I’ve discovered something: being ill is not fun. I don’t mean this in the obvious sense – but I’ve come to believe that being ill promotes itself. To wit (my new favourite phrase): illness saps the will of the energy to actually do anything; and this in turn lengthens the recovery process. Or at least, prolongs the agony. I am not suggesting we push ourselves into further malady, but that accepting lethargy is no substitute.

But then, it’s a sort-of catch-22, isn’t it? Because the very moment activity of some kind is helpful, my condition leaves me devoid of motivation and creativity. At the moment, all I can think of is comedy: books and TV. I would be very grateful for any other suggestions. I may take a bath to pass the time.

On another, but tenuously related note, I have finally succumbed to (commercially driven?) paranoia and am planning to install one of the many, free virus protection programs. I previously held out because I hate how they ‘hog the system’. I justified the risk by keeping Windows up-to-date and using redundant data storage. And I am perfectly happy to reinstall Windows, or reformat my hard-drive. I guess I no longer convince myself.

So If anyone feels led to recommend a particular brand of software I would be much obliged.