Is Marriage Vindicated?

A recent article from the BBC highlights some interesting conclusions drawn from a report (The Good Childhood Inquiry) about the conditions in which we rear our children.

For example:

“…three times as many three year olds living with lone parents or a step-parent have behavioural problems compared with those living with married parents.”

“Children with separate, single or step parents are 50% more likely to fail at school, have low esteem, be unpopular with other children and have behavioural difficulties, anxiety or depression.”

“Child-rearing is one of the most challenging tasks in life and ideally it requires two people.”

This is certainly at odds with the current social consensus on raising children. But just when you might think that this does not necessarily support marriage, the report recommends that:

“…a civil birth ceremony conducted by a registrar in which parents publicly accept the responsibilities of parenthood”.

I know that this is not exactly the (modern, western) Christian marriage model, but it is pretty darn close for this secular culture.

But the report has some more startling things to say:

“…many more working mothers has contributed to the damage done to children”.

“…most women now work and their new economic independence contributes to levels of family break-up which are higher in the UK than in any other Western European country.”

Wow, talk about un-PC! Can you say that in the UK? Even I, a conservative (sort of) evangelical, find that difficult to swallow. But maybe my theology has been over-influenced by secular western thought.

What do you think?


One Response to Is Marriage Vindicated?

  1. Elleah says:

    I think I pretty much agree with all of it! I think if the mom can be at home with the children, or if she has to work then work part-time and not full-time (providing there’s a husband who’s working), that’s way better for the children and the household in general. Not to say that “the woman’s job is only in the home” or that “a man can’t have that role,” but I know it’s way easier for Jared to come home knowing that he’s not going to have to cook + clean in the evenings after being at work all day and he prefers to work outside the home. I also would have a hard time if daycare was “raising” my daughter instead of me being home with her. It’s also one of the best ways I can serve my family by giving of my time + making sure things at home are taken care of.

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