Xbox and Espresso

Now that the Christmas break is well and truly over, and the panic of the first weeks back at work is receding, I can return to the blogsphere. Here’s some thoughts on the period.

Espresso: A new-found joy.

The Daily Show (with Jon Stewart): Heavily biased, but all the better for it.

Cold weather snap: Electric heater on a timer switch in the bathroom. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.

Barack Obama: Bring it on.

The book of Ecclesiastes: Way cool. Much more ‘relevant’ than I remembered.

Full English breakfast with the groom etc. before a wedding: Unforgettable.

Cycling: Still enjoy it. Invested in a warmer ‘base layer’.

Xbox 360: Pretty darn cool. But most good games require a TV that can do 60Hz. Mine doesn’t, so the Xbox is lying in wait
Last year saw the following posts as the top three most popular on my blog:

  1. Penal Substitution as a Valid Theory of Atonement (67 views)
  2. Reason vs Revelation (58 views)
  3. Top 100 Songs Ever – kinda (52 views)

I must say that I was suprised about the first one.

2 Responses to Xbox and Espresso

  1. Elleah says:

    My husband just bought an XBox 360 before Christmas and is LOVIN’ it!

  2. mattsj says:

    I’m only worried that it’ll cut into my productivity. I suppose it’ll replace casual TV watching mainly. It’s those times when I get back from work, and I need 20 min or so of escapism before I hit the kitchen…

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