Cycling to Work – Day 15ish

Today’s commute to work was accompanied by snow. Or at least: the slush that goes for snow in the Midlands. Thankfully I didn’t suffer from the slippery surface – I just got splatter all over my face.

Today’s unique cycling experience lead me to think about my progress so far. Somehow for the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve managed to fall out of bed each morning and onto the saddle. The ride in is still sometimes painful and tiring, but less so each week.

Then there’s the weather. I don’t mind the rain much, but it’s pretty darn cold. And I’ve learned to dread headwind. Most of my body warms up quite quickly, but not so the face and hands. I now wear gloves and also a hat under my helmet. I’ve even started to using moisturiser occasionally to counter wind-burn (or whatever it is). I figure if I can hack these next few months, then summer’ll be easy-peasy.

I’ve certainly learned a few tricks that make life easier: pannier bags are great, sponge baths aren’t too bad, and musical accompaniment is essential (not recommended for those who travel mainly in traffic).

All in all it’s not too bad. And when it comes to Friday afternoon and the train ride back, I wish I was cycling.

6 Responses to Cycling to Work – Day 15ish

  1. Elleah says:

    I’m impressed! I’m such a wimp when it comes to cold weather and we have cold weather for a good half of the year here! You have inspired me to go work out right now.

  2. mattsj says:

    Enjoy your workout! I’m too lazy to do something like that: I’ve had to combine excercise with travel to get me out of the easy life…

  3. I don’t know how you ride in the cold! I’m such a wimp when it comes to chilly weather. Its 61 degrees right now, and I’m already dreading the cold ride to work! Good for you 🙂

  4. étrangère says:

    Oh it’s got to be gloves! I wear leather ones for cycling in all but hot weather. A friend of mine used to cycle round Milan to the soundtrack of Piper on Romans – occasionally missed a few words in traffic, but it’s a fine way to listen to all 200-odd sermons…

  5. mattsj says:

    61 Degrees! For a second there I thought you meant Celsius, which would mean you’d be frying.

    I thought about sermons or audiobooks, but it seems I need a thumping baseline or cheesy riffs to get me going – at least in the morning.

  6. captivatingone says:

    I’m in SoCal, and get mixed impressions about riding. There are bike paths where I ride, and you are kind of hit or miss with the drivers. Sometimes I get the person that will wait for me with cars honking behind them, and sometimes I will get the person that will cut me off or go all the way into my lane just to be mean.

    I know when I vising my parents in NorCal, there is less city riding, and more trail riding. There just aren’t accommodations up there for anything but mountain biking (but the cars lanes are wider, and there are less people parking on the street), but the drivers are much more friendly.

    And I’m eating my words about warm rides. Last night I rode home and it had to have been about 7-10 degrees C (about 45 degrees F). :-p

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