The Night is Alive with the Living Dead! (in Nottingham)

Anyone wandering around Nottingham (Market Square) between 1600 and 1730 this last Friday would have seen an unusual sight indeed. For those of us who are easily frightened, the sight of over a thousand zombies gathered in one place – and performing coordinated dances no less – might have been a bit much. For some insane reason, Nottingham decided to attempt (successfully) the world record for the greatest number of zombies in one place.

How did that one come about?

Anyway, the make-up and zombie training  were both free; and coupled with two universities full of eager students, we got a considerable crowd (gaggle?) of zombies.

Only one guy in our office took part – gore and everything –  much to the dismay of his manager. Since we are based just off Market Square, the  occasional instructions-cum-screams of the choreographer were hard to ignore. And so I eventually popped down to see what was happening; in time to watch preparations for Thriller – obviously.

Perhaps one day they’ll go for a crowd of Elvises (Elvisi?) or something. Until then I’ll continue to pay my council tax with eager anticipation.

3 Responses to The Night is Alive with the Living Dead! (in Nottingham)

  1. Sarah says:

    The world record attempt for the Largest Gathering of Zombies was part of Nottingham’s annual GameCity festival arranged to coincide with the release of the new Guinness World of Records – The Videogame and of course, Halloween.

    The amazing crowd of Nottingham zombies accidentally broke the record for ‘Largest group dance of Thriller’ even though that wasn’t what we were going for! This has again, unintentionally happened on the 25th anniversary of the release of the video and there’s been news of this reported all around the globe.

    Glad you were able to be part of it. Many thanks from GameCity to you and to all who supported the event.

  2. mattsj says:

    Thanks for the info. Pretty cool about the Thriller record, didn’t know about that one!

  3. Elleah says:

    That is strange! Zombies creep me out.

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