Go Hull City FC!

I just watched Hull City FC (soccer for some of you) trounce West Brom today. For someone who is not a follower of the premiership, and not particularly loyal to any one part of the UK, I am feeling a considerable pull to support this team.

For those of you who live in a cave, Hull City – a very little known team – have been taking the premiership by storm: beating top teams like Arsenal and West Ham. It’s a veritable underdogs-beat-favourites Hollywood plotline.

When you consider that, and the fact that my housemate (a faithful supporter of many years) is as enthusiastic as a toddler with Lego, you can see why I’m drawn to the northern team. Let’s hope they continue the winning run.

Go Hull!


One Response to Go Hull City FC!

  1. ianheath653 says:

    It has been fun to watch their rise. Although I do think (or at least hope) they’ll come crashing back to Earth next week against Man United. Still, though, for a club to come straight out of the Championship to the top tier for the first time ever and immediately took like at least a solid mid-table team, it’s incredibly impressive.

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